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Did you ever see a comedy “Roast” on the comedy channel and think, “That would be fun to have at a family event.” Well, now you can have a special someone and your family “roasted” by professional comedian Paul Bond, right at your affair. The material will be in good taste and you let Paul know what parameters to work within. He will never go too far either, so not to worry. Just think, all your family and friends in one place, at the same time and no one will know it’s coming. Out comes Paul to say hello to your family and friends and begins to tell funny stories about them. The whole affair will laugh because basically everyone knows everyone there and no one is off limits. 

Here’s how it works: The party planner gives all the dirt and funny stories on the honoree and family to Paul and he will write a routine based on the information you give him. It’s a show written totally for your affair. Paul has a proven track record, so leave the funny to him. So put a unique and funny twist on a once in a lifetime event and let Paul deliver the funny stories of your family as only he can do.

To book Paul at your affair email him @

Paul Bond


Paul is a New York born, 20 year veteran, high-energy act that finishes on a funny note. He’s on tour in support of his comedy cd “The Way I See It”. It contains over an hour of comedy, including standup, song parodies and surprise extras. Paul’s show promises to be a night of physical comedy and outrageous song parodies that will leave you laughing.

He toured with Jim Breuer , SNL, for 3 years as opening act and heavy metal guitar player and has been on “The Roast of Denis Leary”, the Comedy Central special  “Hardcore” with Jim Breuer and MTV’s Metallica Icon.

He is currently in production with fellow comic Basile, making a TV sitcom of the same name, “Basile” being considered for network tv. It’s an interactive sitcom. The first of it’s kind. Paul is a head writer and will star on the show as well. Watch out for this ground breaking show.

So to sum up, if you like your comedy served up fast and furious with an adult edge, then Paul will satisfy your appetite and then some. Come and catch him as he’s on his way to becoming a household name!

Height: 5'11" | Phone: (Machine) 631-846-1621 | Hair: Blond | Weight: 170 | Eyes: Blue

"Hardcore" w/ Jim Breuer comedy special Comedy Central
The Jim's Joint (Jim Breuer Show) sketch comedy show Comedy Central
"MTV's Metallica Icon" w/Jim Breuer MTV
"The Roast of Denis Leary" guest Comedy Central
Saturday Night Live film short NBC
America's Funniest People   ABC
VH-1 Stand-Up Spotlight featured VH-1
Music Underground host / featured performer TV Pilot
Break a Leg with
Hootie & the Blowfish
stand-up America's Talking Network
Rhythm Room TV host / featured performer Local Cable
PC Richard & Son as a stand-up comic Tri-State Area
Hartford Toyota as shifty car salesman Connecticut
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest Billy Bibbit Nassau College
The Laff Riot featured performer The Brokerage
The ComedyExpress various roles Sketch Comedy Group-Touring
The Fugitive Fleet featured performer East Side Playhouse
Alexis-Queen of Vampires Joe / vampire tracker Bobby Gonzo Dir./Gonzo Prod.
Emergency Broadcast System various film shorts
The Paul Bond Show a live talk show w/guests Joey Kola & Jim Breuer
"Smoke & Breu" Jim Breuer Comedy Central CD
"Don't Imagine Bad Things" Paul Bond Independent
"Paul Bond Live + 1" Paul Bond Independent
(Complete list available)
Appeared At Comedy Theatre Madson Square Garden
Appeared At The Fillmore San Francisco
Appeared At House of Blues Las Vegas, Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Anaheim
Appeared At Carolines NYC
Appeared At Stand-Up NY NYC
Appeared At Dangerfields NYC
Appeared At Governors Levittown, NY
Appeared At Brokerage Bellmore, NY
Appeared At Grampas NYC
Appeared At Uncle Funny's FLA.
Appeared At Funny Bone Pittsburgh, PA
Appeared At Improv Ohio
Appeared At Comedy Factory Outlet, MD.
Appeared At Rascals NJ (both locations))
Appeared At Assorted Colleges Nation Wide
The Comedy Express featured performer sketch comedy & improv group
East Side Players featured performer improv training & performances
The Fugitive Fleet featured performer improv & sketch
The Opie & Anthony Show song parodies known as Air Sick Productions
Howard Stern Show song parodies nationally syndicated radio show
Waking Up with the Wolf guest/performer WPYX
Mornings with Chaz & AJ guest/performer WPLR
Roger & PJ mornings guest/performer WBAB
Hazardous Comedy Network singer/producer 150 Stations Internationally
Joanna Beckson sitcom/scene study NYC
Joan St. Onge improv East Side Comedy
Nassau College drama Garden City, NY
IMPRESSIONS & CHARACTERS (tape or CD available upon request)

Voice - including but not limited to Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Beavis & Butthead, Slingblade, Rainman, Columbo, Marv Albert, Ray Romano, Norm MacDonald, Jerry Lewis, & characters
Musical - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sting, Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Metallica, AC/DC, Rocky Horror
Dialects - New York ( Brooklynese), British, Jewish, East Indian, Southern and assorted others

Guitar, electric bass, drums, studio engineer, good whistler, juggler, drivers license, left handed, balances objects on body parts, roller skating, tennis, ping pong, volleyball, bowling, swimming, diving & softball

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